About Us

Welcome to 321 cleaners, an eco-friendly cleaning service whose mission is to leave little to no impact on the environment. We pride ourselves on using only sustainable products that not only provide superior cleaning and sanitizing properties but are also safe for you, your friends, family and your loved fur babies to be around. For each of our clients, we try to tailor a cleaning service designed to meet their individual needs, whether that includes your car, your apartment, your home... and even your laundry!

The origin of 321 cleaners comes from my personal experience of hiring a cleaning service and wondering about the smells that were in the air from the cleaning products being used. I decided to research the products being used and found out how damaging they were not only to me, but also to the environment, including the ocean. Not only did I want to help the planet, but I also wanted to help people live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle one step at a time. The chemicals mainly used in common cleaning supplies are damaging to the body in ways not usually considered. A little research goes a long way and it’s quite alarming the ingredients being used daily in the confined space of our homes!

Not only do we provide an excellent service, but we provide a healthy service that helps everyone to live more green. Our products are responsibly sourced, and sometimes even homemade (don’t be afraid to ask). Our mission is to rid germs, pests, grime, odors while not impacting the earth. We are a family company and pride ourselves in treating you like family as well, we want the best for you!

Our staff follows strict COVID protocols and all of our employees are fully vaccinated and boosted, and we will supply an air filter while they clean if asked for.

If you would like to learn more about us or the company please email your inquiry below and we would be happy to answer all of your questions. We would welcome the opportunity to prepare an estimate for your inquiry request (by bundling services you can save even more!)

Our Services

Basic Home

Studio apartment clean: $70

  • Wipe down/ disinfect all hard services
  • Floor cleaning (vacuum & mop)
  • Full bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning (no dishes)
  • Basic appliance cleaning
  • $30 extra for each additional room

Deluxe Home


  • All services listed in Basic
  • Deeper clean of all areas
  • Kitchen dishes are included

Full Service Home


  • All services listed in Basic and Deluxe
  • Laundry (max 3 medium loads) from dirty to hung
  • Organization of entire space included

House Clean

  • Interior clean - kitchen, bathroom, and three common areas (no bedrooms): $120
  • Exterior clean - light gardening: $75
  • Interior & Exterior clean: $175

Additional house services

  • $50 per each bedroom
  • Includes two loads of laundry

Basic Car

$30 for one of the following

  • Interior clean - vacuum, dust, and windows
  • Exterior - eco friendly hand wash (virtually waterless)

Additional car services

  • Trunk cleaning: $10
  • Polishing: $10
  • Fragrance: $5

Full Car


  • All services listed in Basic Car
  • Shampoo, fragrance and polish

Note about car cleaning service:

  • SUVs, Mini vans and trucks cost extra depending on size
  • Please contact for discounted rates for industrial/commercial vehicles
  • Loyalty customer program: if you purchase seven cleans within the year, you will get your eight clean free

Contact Us

Contact for services 818-588-6882

Contact for billing/accounting 818-917-1291

General inquiries or questions please email us at assist@321cleaners.com

Los Angeles, California